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Dog Trainer Michael Badial in Hatboro PA

Michael Badial

Dog Trainer
Co-Owner/Trainer at Best Paw Forward
Hatboro, Pennsylvania 19040

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Contact Details

Name Best Paw Forward
Logo Best Paw Forward Company Logo by Michael Badial in Hatboro PA
Position Co-Owner/Trainer
Year Established: 2012
Phone Number 888-437-5245
Hatboro, PA 19040
United States
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Professional Background

Year Established 2012
apdt APDT

About Best Paw Forward

Michael Badial has been working with dogs as a trainer for over five years. Michael's experience in the military provided him the understanding of what discipline can do, not only for himself, but for the dogs he works with as well. After the military, Michael was a meter reader for a power company. From that experience Michael gained a deeper understanding of dogs on their own turf; meter readers are attacked daily by dogs defending their homes. This provided Michael the confidence to handle himself around aggressive dogs and the ability to remain calm. This was also the starting point of Michael's desire to work with aggressive animals. Three mentor trainers, actively working in a kennel environment, and constantly seeking new knowledge is where Michael draws his canine knowledge from. Michael is dedicated to learning the newest information available as well as continuing his education by learning from experienced trainers in the industry. Most importantly Michael's love for dogs is what drives him everyday to wake up and do it all again.


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Michael Badial
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